6 Responsibilities of a property manager

05 Mar 2019

6 Responsibilities of a property manager

When it comes to Dallas real estate, the property must be managed properly to attract tenants.

A property manager is the one hired to manage daily operations of a real estate property. They play an integral part in the success of the property investment. Following are the 6 key aspects that a property manager is responsible for.

Dealing with Rent

Dealing with rent is one of the common responsibilities of a property manager. They are responsible for setting up right rent level to attract tenants to the property. Setting a date to collect rent each month is also their job role. They should deal with adjusting rent by fixed percentage each year.

Managing tenants

Finding suitable tenants lies on advertising the property status. The advertisement of Homes for sale Dallas should be clear and attractive. Property managers should have screening process like background checks to screen tenants. They should select right tenants who will pay rent on time. They should also deal with complaints and maintenance to keep the tenants happy.

Maintenance and repairs

The property manager should keep the property in safe condition. They are responsible for physical management of the property. They should look into regular maintenance and emergency repairs of the property. They must ensure that tenants are happy with proper functioning of the service.

Knowledge of tenant law

As property managers, they should have knowledge about property laws. They should comply with property safety standards, Terminating a lease etc. They should also know the tax filing for the investment property.

Supervising works

Property managers should supervise other employees working with them. Supervising frisco real estate property needs experienced property managers who can assist the property owners in property management.

Maintaining budget / Records

The property manager must operate within the budget. They should keep clear records of the property that include all income and expenses, inspections, lease agreements etc.


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