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Cashback Packages

Self-Sustained Package

A 2.5% cashback shall be provided when you are buying a New Builder home. You find your preferred house, and we provide name only service for the maximum cash back benefit !

Trust & Cooperate Package

A 1% cashback shall be provided when a Sunshine Realtors' agent collaborates with you and is dedicated to finding the perfect house. Having no limits on time or number of showings, this option provides all privileges to get you with all services provided by our talented realtors. This offer only applies to primary homes, and no investment properties would be entitled to this

Assist & Deliver Package

A 2% cashback will be provided when you find your preferred house, and we will make sure you are duly assisted on a phone call and advised. You see the home; we take care of the paperwork!

Restrictions – Package A & B do not involve any showings or site visits – This is for Seasoned Buyers only

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Renting & Property Management


At Sunshine Realtors’, our expert team seeks to provide the best advice along with value-added suggestions for your needs and investment opportunities. We strive to offer a satisfying experience to our customers, with buyers and sellers both having a seamless transaction. Providing a quantity of single-family homes in dallas, we have gained a close bond with our clients that will be unbreakable for years to come.

Wonder Why Sunshine Realtors Are the Best in Business?

With a stock load of experience and a hefty portfolio, Sunshine Realtors’ have managed to surpass all benchmarks in the market. Our listings in the Frisco TX, Real Estate Market, and the commercial real estate in Melissa, TX, have been an outperformer for the most extended quarters. Providing excellent comfort to clients in single-family homes in dallas, our brokers have done an outstanding job sealing the best deals.

The Frisco Real Estate Agents Being at the Top

The Frisco Real Estate Agents have been a total delight when it comes to scrutinizing, researching, and negotiating the best deals in the most prime locations. To our surprise, agents have managed to keep both buyers and sellers satisfied. With their God-given ability to sell, the Frisco, TX, Real Estate Market has been in safe hands and is awaiting a high demand for Commercial Real Estate in Melissa, TX. A similar approach has been taken recently by Real Estate Agents in Prosper, TX, which has gained popularity amongst investors and homebuyers.

Frisco, TX, Real Estate Market

On the rise of a highly dynamic and competitive market, Frisco nourishes families with its highly vibrant atmosphere and growing demand. The Frisco, TX Commercial Real Estate observes a rise as well, which is directly proportional to the growing interest in the increase of attractions and amenities introduced.

Listings to Look Out For…

Plano TX Real Estate Market Insights

Our insights provide a compelling analysis of each place. In Plano, a friendly neighborhood town, you and your loved ones can acquire family-oriented housing scaled towards your needs. A spike in interest has been viewed since the rumors of new projects. Top investors are closely considering the Plano, TX Real Estate Market insights as a cash cow opportunity!

Commercial Real Estate in Melissa, TX

Being a perfect haven for a new startup or an existing business opportunity, Melissa offers a strategic opportunity for business owners. Our experts lean towards providing a seamless experience with our services. We ensure a profitable outcome. With the rise in demand for commercial real estate in Melissa, TX, it is advised to contact us as soon as possible!

Client Review

Sunshine Realtors’ have been the most professional firms I have managed to cross paths with. I have been investing in real estate for the past 6 years, and they have stood out in terms of their discipline, dedication, and commitment. The Real estate agents in Prosper TX have been of utmost help even though I was traveling. I am looking forward to good years of business. Ciao!
-Malcom F.

I came to Dallas back in 2021. times were rough, and I have no one to thank but Sunshine Realtors’ for their utmost compatibility and cooperation. Their single-family homes in Houston have been a delight. I would personally like to thank Mr. Sanjay Verma for being such a humble human being.
-Abhishek P.

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Looking for houses for sale in Texas? One of the best things about Sunshine Realtors is that we can take your requirements and find the perfect match throughout Texas, including houses for sale in Houston, TX.

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Selling Service

We provide full service Listing Service at 1% and we also have Flat Fee Listing Services

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Renting & Property Management

Low 7% Property Management Fee. Flat Fee MLS listing service for renting also available

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Buying Service

We provide Flexible Cash Back Packages according to the services you need please look at our packages on the Homepage

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Please contact us for a free analysis for any property you may be interested in buying , selling or renting. Our Expert Agents will help you

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