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06 Jan 2018

6 Interesting things to keep in mind before you buy a house

When you are gonna attend an inspection for a house, it is sure to be a daunting task for you or anyone and no matter how much experienced you are you may get fooled at the end of the day or at the ads posted by Dallas real estate agents. Stylish décor and interiors must not sway you too much as there is more to your new home than just the interiors and how good they are. Make sure that you look at the building yourself as much as you look out at the payout of the hall or kitchen and whether or not they are en-suite. If you are that serious about buying the property then make sure it pays enough to be through and here are some things that you need to check and keep in mind to avoid stepping into a costly nightmare.

If you are ever in doubt make sure to contact any qualified building experts or Dallas realtor’s who have qualified building inspectors to put your mind at rest and here is a small list to begin looking for potential problems


1) Are there any water stains or corrosion on the walls

Try to look at all the walls onto the areas adjoining the bathroom and other areas for any signs of moisture or water leaks. This might not be any structural defect but it might turn out to be a costly affair much later on for repair.


2) Check if the ceilings are not sagging

Have a look at the ceilings to see if the are firms fixed and in place. You can shine a torch on the ceiling and look out for deflections and defects on the ceiling.


3)Check the cabinets

Make sure to check all the cabinets and open them and look around carefully and spot if there is any smell of damp or mold. Dampness will indicate that there are water leaks or even a rising dampness.

4) Take a look at the walls of cracks

The internal, as well as the external walls, must be visually checked to note if any large wall cracks etc are there. Cracks that are greater than a 2.0 mm or the properties with excessive cracking will be a cause for concern and must be further inspected by a proper building inspector.


5) Have a look at wall plastering and external roof lines

The internal walls will be plastered all over and it must be checked for fine hairline cracks which can be caused by incorrect application of the wall plastering especially at the time of construction. Once the cracks are found then make sure that they are fixed and there are possibilities of finding them more in multiple areas. Look at the lines of the rook too externally to check if they are straight or not and free from deflections.


6) Rust: The roof or the windows or any metal will be attracting rust and make sure you check them on both the sides as it may look great from ground level but if you check it from the other, it may appear to be corroded and it may seek a replacement.

When in doubt it is a good idea that you give professionals a chance as they help in giving you detailed reports and a peace of mind before they pick a houses for sale in Dallas. Follow the tips that are mentioned above and keep reading the other blogs posted here.


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