19 Feb 2018

How The New Budget Costs May Mean To Housing

In the times of soaring prices of frisco homes for sale it has become much more harder to find affordable housing nowadays in most parts of the country. It can get even worse for low income Americans if the proposed new budget becomes reality say most of the critics of the new plan. The budget that was released last week will be slashing about $8 billions from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget bringing own to $39 billion and there has been seen an 18% decrease from last year. It is also calling on for the states, localities and the private sector to fill out on many of the gaps.


The new proposed budget is also seeking to an increased and stable funding for the direct rental subsidies to the elderly and to the disabled and to the homeless and for lead hazard control. The proposed budget will also be focussing on moving more number of people towards self sufficiency and through the reforming the rental assistance program and by moving the ageing public to more sustainable platform.


Trump is proposing a $7B HUD cut and what will be the impact of it on US cities is the big doubt here. Will the president’s new Budget make housing greater again. What will include a HUD home and what is the bargain with which it will have a huge catch as it will be cutting out on the rental assistance program for most of the poorest American which will be resulting in less than 200K housing vouchers. The plan is also proposing to eliminate the fund that is used for rehabilitation of public housing developments. The plan is to strive and to encourage work among the HUD assisted households and which will be getting more able bodied Americans public assistance to go for work. Most of the specifics on how they plan to achieve this is not included.


These changes are sure to hit the hardest on poor Americans and it is likely to increase the homelessness in communities all over the country. It is more likely that the congress will be passing the new Budget as it is and it will not be adopting the president’s last attempt which is his 2018 budget. Instead the congress will be ear marking an additional $2 billions alone for HUD this month when it comes as a part of the two year spending pact that has reached to re open the government.


The money that is allocated is for maintaining the current number of housing vouchers that are available and to ensure that the elderly and the disabled get housing assistance that will not be affected by the rent. The draft budgets are sure to have proposed to raise the existing rent contribution from the tenants at the rate of 30% of their adjusted income to 35% of their gross which can be via pretax or prededuction of income.


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