Tips to pick the right Home of your dream-2

Previously in my other blog we saw how you might be dreaming of owning a good stately home in the state of Texas and you are still in the nascent stages of getting your dream come true. You might have done your research too and saved up some amount as down payment and found that perfect Frisco Realtor who you like. Now comes the next big step which is to find your dream house. This is the most fun part and although it may come up with its own set of challenges you will find the entire process intriguing. We will continue from where we last left.

The idea of purchasing one of the first homes they see can be “very unsettling” for buyers. They somehow will be thinking that they’re not doing their due diligence if they don’t look for a predetermined amount of time. Since realtors too do not know what’s coming on the market, you will never know when ‘your’ house will show up.

3. Make sure to see beyond the décor: Most people are terrible decorators, and you may not be allowed to be turned off by an ugly home. But you shouldn’t let the stylistic choices affect your judgment of what a home could be. Just by saying that you hate the red paint in the dining room’ is not a valid concern. Make sure to look beyond those garish drapes to the bones beneath. Is the picture window that is hidden behind the drapes stunning? Is the hardwood floor having good quality, despite the stained rugs that are layered on top? Think of the long term. You must remember that the current owner’s stuff will leave with them when they sell their Frisco homes for sale and not just stick around

4. Do not forget to bring a camera: When you’re out looking for homes for sale in Frisco, remembering which one had the dark parquet floor and which one had the wall-to-wall shag can get more confusing than you might think. After a dozen showings, you may not recall what exactly has bothered you so much about the bathroom of one home or perhaps it was the toilet facing the shower? It requires an impeccable memory and keen attention to detail. Make sure you skip the mental heavy lifting by snapping the pics of every room that you see. If you want to go above and beyond, make sure to consider categorizing them on a computer by which house you have seen and which room.

5. Tune in to how you feel: Make sure you do not get too spiritual about it, but house hunting isn’t just about what you see. It’s also about how you feel. It is a pure emotion and the swirl of feeling will be surprising you, drawing you towards homes that you have never thought that you would love and away from the ones that will be hitting every box as per your checklist. Agents have a secret saying, which is that ‘Buyers are liars’. It does not mean that buyers really mean to lie, but that what they think they want in a home often will go out the window when emotion kicks in.

Do not forget to get your must-have list, but don’t feel bad about skipping something that you have thought you wanted. A wonderful house without a his-and-her bathroom is still a wonderful house you might have to shuffle your expectations. It’s important for buyers to keep in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect house. At the end of the day, you’ll find some place that hits the high notes and that includes the things that were most important to you.